Lupine part 2 updates : These big inconsistencies that spoil the rest

Lupine part 2 updates

Lupine part 2 updates : The first concerns the alleged death of Raoul, when Leonard locked him in the trunk of his burning car. A flashback scene shows us that Youssef actually saved him from the flames, leaving the trunk of the automobile open. However, when Assane arrives on the scene and wants to save his son, the safe is indeed closed … Little oversight, Mr. Directors? Another error of the same kind and which occurred at the same place: to get out of the car, the police officer Youssef explodes the window of the vehicle in which Assane handcuffed him. Everything is in tatters but yet, when the latter leaves with Raoul, she is as if by magic repaired.,

OOPS! We did not know that Carglass was arriving so quickly … Lupine part 2 Finally, the last inconsistency concerns the final scene in which Assane finally obtains a confession from Hubert Pelligrini on the arrest, the trap, and the death of his father. If it had been seen that he had an Apple Watch on his wrist, no plan showed that he had initiated the recording. This last point can be forgiven in favor of having wanted to keep the suspense let’s say … We are still curious to see what the sequel has in store for us, here is what to expect in part 3 of Lupine!

Like part 1, Lupine’s sequel had a lot of inconsistencies:

here are the three biggest!

Assane Diop managed to avenge the death of his father in part 2 of Lupine! However, he would certainly never have succeeded without the help of his sidekick, Juliette, but also that of Anne Pelligrini, who finally decided to betray her husband. If this new salvo was much darker than the previous one, it unfortunately still contained as many inconsistencies as the first! We can already hear you say that it is fiction and that we should not dwell on the smallest details, but for certain plots, it is nevertheless important. Here are the major mistakes that we found in Part 2 of Lupine on Netflix.

Game of Thrones Season 8 updates: this is how the series really should have ended.

Game of Thrones Season 8

Game of Thrones Season 8 updates :After revealing to you what we think would be the perfect ending for the Game of Thrones series, here is a surprising fun fact on the final outcome of the fantastic show. Indeed, questioned by the Entertainment Weekly site about the final controversial season, the two showrunners revealed what really should have happened at the end of Game of Thrones. For this, David Benioff and Daniel Weiss first highlighted how expensive the ideas of George RR Martin were.

“We had a very generous budget from HBO, but we knew what to expect and, in the end, it was not enough.” Therefore, a rather surprising solution was considered to avoid spoiling the final outcome. A bold idea that proved too difficult to implement: “ This is what we would have done in a perfect world. However, we ended up with an epic fantasy story but with a level of familiarity and familiarity. investment for each character that it was impossible to transpose in a two hour film “

Originally, the Game of Thrones series could have ended in an original way!

it consisted of transposing the plot of season 8 to the cinema through three films. A bold idea that proved too difficult to implement: “ This is what we would have done in a perfect world. However, we ended up with an epic fantasy story but with a level of familiarity and familiarity. investment for each character that it was impossible to transpose in a two-hour film “.

This is why HBO, far from being a fan of this alternative, has finally agreed to drop more than $ 15 million to convince the showrunners to end the series the way we know it. Would the end of the show have been different, or even more successful, if HBO had agreed to make films instead? Too bad, we’ll never know! What is certain is that it would have been really cool to see mythical scenes like the Battle of Winterfell on the big screen. Also check out the new revelations about Daenerys’ death in Game of Thrones.


Superman and Lois: episode 11 updates: Superman’s terrible decision, our verdict

Superman episode 11

Last night, Episode 11 of Superman and Lois aired on The CW. So it’s time to find out our verdict of “A Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events”

La semaine dernière, dans l’épisode 10 de Superman et Lois, Kal-El a retrouvé sa famille kryptonienne et en a appris davantage sur son frère. Mais alors, que s’est-il passé hier soir ? La rédac’ de melty vous propose de découvrir son verdict de l’épisode 11 de Superman et Lois. “A Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events” était une heure remplie d’émotions et a levé le voile sur la jeunesse de Clark. L’épisode nous a offert de nombreux flashbacks de son adolescence jusqu’à sa rencontre avec Lois. Après l’avoir vu s’entraîner à la Forteresse de Solitude lorsqu’il était jeune, nous avons vu Clark retourner à Smallville en tant qu’homme. Jor-El avait chargé son fils de se reconnecter au monde humain afin de comprendre pourquoi il voulait être le héros du peuple. Cela l’a ramené à Lana, mais il a vite découvert qu’elle était passée à autre chose et qu’elle était déjà fiancée à Kyle.

 Read this whole updates Last night, Episode 11 of Superman and Lois aired on The CW. So it’s time to find out our verdict of “A Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events”..

La suite de cet épisode 11 de Superman et Lois nous a transportés à Metropolis, où Clark gravissait les échelons du Daily Planet sous la direction de Lois Lane. Mais alors que l’amour de Lois pour Clark grandissait de jour en jour, son crush pour Superman grandissait également… Le reste était alors un territoire familier pour les fans du super-héros. Clark a révélé à Lois son secret, puis elle lui a révélé qu’elle était enceinte… Si les souvenirs de Clark étaient émouvants, quelque chose semblait alarmant… Et nous avons vite appris la terrible vérité. Tal-Rho avait sondé l’esprit de Superman, et maintenant il était armé de suffisamment d’informations pour détruire complètement le monde de Clark…

The Vampire Diaries session 8 updates : Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham leaving for a revival?

The Vampire Diaries


The Vampire Diaries session session 8 updates : Were thrilled and nostalgic when stars and onscreen best friends Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham got together and shared this loving moment filled with bondage on their social media. While the actresses nearly smashed the internet with this reunion, fans too were trying to smash it further by speculating whether or not that meant that a The Vampire Diaries revival or spin-off could be in development. Even if Legacies continues its run, die-hard fans of The Vampire Diaries would love to reunite with the original cast of the fantasy series. But then, could this reunion between Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham mean a revival of The Vampire Diaries? After this reunion which made a lot of noise, Kat Graham explained to TMZ that she was not in the idea of ​​participating in a revival of The Vampire Diaries or a reboot. “ We’re just still friends. We’ve been friends, you know?

After the surprise meeting between Kat Graham and Nina Dobrev, fans wonder … Could a revival of The Vampire Diaries see the light of day?


She said first before continuing, “I don’t think Nina and I are interested in this, but I think our friendship will be forever. This is the dream. ” The Bonnie interpreter also added that it is fairly well known to fans that the cast of The Vampire Diaries are a tight knit group and the cast members see each other in real life without it relating to the series at hand. success. ” We’re simply still companions. We’ve been companions, you know? She said first prior to proceeding, “I don’t think Nina and I are keen on this, however I figure our fellowship will be until the end of time. This is the fantasy. ” One thing is certain, it is that the series The Vampire Diaries will remain engraved in the memories and its cast continues to make the fans dream.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 18

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