Elizabeth Olsen reveals her disastrous casting for Khaleesi in ‘Game of Thrones’: “It was awful”

The actress Elizabeth Olsen, relates how badly the scene in which Daenerys came out of the fire turned out for her.
Elizabeth Olsen has become one of the most prolific and versatile actresses in Hollywood. In addition to that Scarlet Witch that has catapulted her to world fame, the actress has starred in such vindicable titles as Martha Marcy May Marlene (her debut), Ingrid Goes West, Wild River or the Sorry for Your Loss series, which she also produces.

Elizabeth Olsen at the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Premiere
Elizabeth Olsen, the good sister
However, there was one iconic role on the small screen that eluded her when she was taking her first steps in acting. This is Daenerys Targaryen, who would end up giving life to Emilia Clarke in the phenomenon Game of Thrones. In an interview for The Hollywood Reporter, the American has told how “horrible” was her casting for the character.

Elizabeth Olsen Game of Thrones

“I auditioned for Game of Thrones. I auditioned with the casting director’s assistant in a small room in New York, just with a camera on and them reading the script,” he said, before confessing: “I made the speech from Khaleesi when she comes out of the fire. It was awful. They didn’t call me again. ”

Fortunately, where she was called was from Marvel Studios, which four years later would give her one of the most iconic characters in comics, a Wanda Maximoff who has recently allowed Olsen to demonstrate her talent in the acclaimed Scarlet Witch and Vision.

In the interview for the North American publication, he has also revealed what he learned from the experience of his sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, in the industry at such a young age. “Since I was little, I wanted to go to any dance, singing or acting camp or class,” Elizabeth says: “What my sisters did was work, not play. I tried casting for three months when I was about 10 years old and had to stop doing everything else that I liked to do as a child. And I was so aware of what it meant to be an actress in LA. I thought, ‘Okay, this is crazy. Everybody wants to be an actor. That’s why they’re moving here. It’s stupid. ”

It would be the theater that would reconcile her with acting, apparently a safer space for her. At New York University, he began working with the Atlantic Theater Company, landed an agent, and participated in his early films. A decade later, she is one of the most prominent actresses of her generation, and unaided by Game of Thrones.


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