Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: Jesse Williams tease un spin-off sur April et Jackson

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Updates: Jackson left Seattle in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy, but is it really the end of his character?
While we are still waiting to see if Grey’s Anatomy will be canceled after Season 18 or if fans will follow Meredith until retirement, speculation continues among fans about a possible April and Jackson-centric spin-off. . The latter left for Boston and Jackson therefore bade farewell to all his friends and colleagues at the end of season 17, but actor Jesse Williams knows that many are wondering about a new series signed Shondaland and in which we could find Jackson, April and Tom Koracick, also gone to Boston. And as a regular interviewer, he didn’t deny anything at all.

“I know that at the root of it all is love from the fans, and that feels a lot of good. The idea of ​​seeing a series about Jackson and April’s life in Boston makes sense, it’s an interesting pitch and we would explode everything. Sarah (Drew, editor’s note) is such a great person and an incredible actress. So I understand the fans, I’m on their side. I won’t say that it’s impossible for that to happen, clearly I won’t say that ” . Without saying anything about possible discussions at ABC , Jesse Williams has in any case validated this wish of the fans , a wish which notably emerged after the statements of the ABC boss on a new spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy ,

ABC has already spoken out about the future of Grey’s Anatomy beyond Season 18

Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Cast

The questions about the future of Grey’s Anatomy are many, and while some wonder if Alex Karev will be back in season 18 , others are rather wondering the possible next seasons. And that’s pretty good, the boss of ABC has already made some statements after the renewal for season 18. Indeed Craig Erwich, CEO of ABC Entertainment and Hulu Originals, has already expressed his wish to see more seasons of Grey’s Anatomy after season 18. This is one of the reasons why no word on a possible cancellation has yet been spoken.

“Grey’s Anatomy continues to be a monster when it comes to audiences. The fans loved it this season. And I found the show really did an amazing job of successfully telling the stories of all the heroes who have been on the front lines. to fight against Covid-19. We will continue with Grey’s Anatomy as long as we can ” . Suffice to say that a season 19 is therefore not to be excluded and if for ABC it is good news for its audiences, for the fans the reactions would be clearly mixed. Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy was the perfect way to end the series and we may increasingly regret ABC’s choice to continue after that.


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