Lupine part 2 updates : These big inconsistencies that spoil the rest

Lupine part 2 updates : The first concerns the alleged death of Raoul, when Leonard locked him in the trunk of his burning car. A flashback scene shows us that Youssef actually saved him from the flames, leaving the trunk of the automobile open. However, when Assane arrives on the scene and wants to save his son, the safe is indeed closed … Little oversight, Mr. Directors? Another error of the same kind and which occurred at the same place: to get out of the car, the police officer Youssef explodes the window of the vehicle in which Assane handcuffed him. Everything is in tatters but yet, when the latter leaves with Raoul, she is as if by magic repaired.,

OOPS! We did not know that Carglass was arriving so quickly … Lupine part 2 Finally, the last inconsistency concerns the final scene in which Assane finally obtains a confession from Hubert Pelligrini on the arrest, the trap, and the death of his father. If it had been seen that he had an Apple Watch on his wrist, no plan showed that he had initiated the recording. This last point can be forgiven in favor of having wanted to keep the suspense let’s say … We are still curious to see what the sequel has in store for us, here is what to expect in part 3 of Lupine!

Like part 1, Lupine’s sequel had a lot of inconsistencies:

here are the three biggest!

Assane Diop managed to avenge the death of his father in part 2 of Lupine! However, he would certainly never have succeeded without the help of his sidekick, Juliette, but also that of Anne Pelligrini, who finally decided to betray her husband. If this new salvo was much darker than the previous one, it unfortunately still contained as many inconsistencies as the first! We can already hear you say that it is fiction and that we should not dwell on the smallest details, but for certain plots, it is nevertheless important. Here are the major mistakes that we found in Part 2 of Lupine on Netflix.


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