The Vampire Diaries session 8 updates : Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham leaving for a revival?


The Vampire Diaries session session 8 updates : Were thrilled and nostalgic when stars and onscreen best friends Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham got together and shared this loving moment filled with bondage on their social media. While the actresses nearly smashed the internet with this reunion, fans too were trying to smash it further by speculating whether or not that meant that a The Vampire Diaries revival or spin-off could be in development. Even if Legacies continues its run, die-hard fans of The Vampire Diaries would love to reunite with the original cast of the fantasy series. But then, could this reunion between Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham mean a revival of The Vampire Diaries? After this reunion which made a lot of noise, Kat Graham explained to TMZ that she was not in the idea of ​​participating in a revival of The Vampire Diaries or a reboot. “ We’re just still friends. We’ve been friends, you know?

After the surprise meeting between Kat Graham and Nina Dobrev, fans wonder … Could a revival of The Vampire Diaries see the light of day?


She said first before continuing, “I don’t think Nina and I are interested in this, but I think our friendship will be forever. This is the dream. ” The Bonnie interpreter also added that it is fairly well known to fans that the cast of The Vampire Diaries are a tight knit group and the cast members see each other in real life without it relating to the series at hand. success. ” We’re simply still companions. We’ve been companions, you know? She said first prior to proceeding, “I don’t think Nina and I are keen on this, however I figure our fellowship will be until the end of time. This is the fantasy. ” One thing is certain, it is that the series The Vampire Diaries will remain engraved in the memories and its cast continues to make the fans dream.

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